Got questions? We have all answers for you.

General Questions

How long does transcription take?

Transcriptions generally require 3-5 minutes for a typical dictation of 500 words, and 5-7 minutes for 1000 words. When transcribing meetings, conferences, and lectures, this may take longer if the file is longer. For example, a 500-word patient report will take about 3 minutes, but a 90-minute meeting will take 7-10 minutes to transcribe. 

Regardless of length,  ArrowText MD returns clinically accurate transcriptions of Dictations, Meetings, Conferences, Lectures, and much more. Transcriptions are returned quickly, accurately, and securely for download.

Getting Support is Easy!

ArrowText MD takes customer care very seriously. We have worked hard to make ArrowText MD simple & reliable. Quality Customer Care goes hand-in-hand with a good customer experience. To obtain support, users should use the "Support Request" page on their User Dashboard.

ArrowText MD User Guide

You can find our User Guide Here.

The ArrowText Team has worked hard on our User Guide. Most of the functions are intuitive, and accessible without reading any guides. This manual serves as a good reference, and we always invite suggestions for improvement.

Billing and Pricing

How is Billing Calculated?

Charges are calculated by the length of actual dictation (silence time is not charged). For example, a 10-minute recording with 8 minutes of actual talk time is charged for 8 minutes of use. ArrowText MD charges USD $10 or less per hour of transcription time. So, an 8-minute transcription costs USD $1.33.

How Does ArrowText MD comply with security requirements?

ArrowText MD begins with the HIPAA-compliant AWS Speech-to-Text services and AWS storage buckets. These compliant assets form the backbone of the Arrowtext MD security features. Transcriptions are downloaded using compliant encryption and never emailed. Once transcriptions are retrieved, the user is encouraged to delete the transcription, further enhancing security. 

To further maintain compliance, "Administrative Access" is limited to two persons in the company, the company President and IT Officer. Access and Transaction logs are kept, ad reviewed daily. All system accessions employ Two-Factor Authentication, to further protect the security from compromise. 

Our web server maintains encryption standards that either equal or exceed requirements.
Download a copy of our website encryption audit HERE.

What is Two-Factor Authentication? 

And, why do I want it?

Two-Factor Authentication, or 2-FA, is a common method to improve security, minimize the risks associated with lost or weak passwords, and ensure control over account access. 2-FA can take many forms, and ArrowText MD employs text messaging to accomplish 2-FA. 

When logging in to your ArrowText MD account, you will receive a text message to the mobile device that you used to register your account. That text message includes a one-time password, that in addition to your regular password, allows access to the ArrowText MD service. 

How do I recover my account if I change my phone number?

In the case that your phone number is changing, it is best to log in to your account and update your mobile number before changing. In the common case where that is not possible, simply use the website contact form, and a Team Member will walk you through the account recovery process. The process only takes a couple of minutes, so no worries!