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Quickly and Accurately Transcribe Clinical Dictations, Clinical Conferences, Lectures, and more...

Patient and Family Meetings

Simplify and expand your documentation to include Patient and Family conferences. Record in real-time, or upload your own recording. An accurate transcription will be yours in a few minutes.

Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation is time consuming and a neccesity. Why not simplify things, while simultaneously expanding documentation to meetings, conferences, lectures, and more? If You can record it, We can transcribe it!

Primary Care and Specialities Covered!

Improve your productivity and ease the burden of documentation. We cover a wide-range of clinical disciplines, from Primary Care to both Medical and Surgical Specialities.

Securely Transcribe from Anywhere

ArrowTextMD offers both real-time recording and uploading of audio files. Securely dictate your procedure notes in the car, record a family conference at bedside, record Grand-Rounds for later reference. Nothing could be simpler. An accurate clinical transcription will be ready to download in minutes.

Using ArrowTextMD Secure and Simple!

Quickly Transcribe Dictations and Muli-Person meetings in a flash.

January 2022
Primary Care Providers
Take the "Work" out of your documentation, and reduce both time and overhead. Your documentation takes less time, is more accurate, and more comprehensive.
February 2022
Specialty Care Documentation
Speed completion of your operative notes using the ArrowtextMD record feature. Get consultation notes to your referrals in less time. Reduce hassles, costs, and time with ArrowTextMD.
March 2022
Get Transcripts of Meetings
ArrowtextMD handles multi-person transcription with ease. Your transcript identifies each speaker (up to 7 speakers), making meetings, conferences, and lectures now amenable to accurate and fast transcription.
AI-Driven Medical Transcription HIPAA Compliant

Improve and Speed Documentation, Securely and Easily

Primary & Specialty Coverage

ArrowTextMD supports accurate clinical transcription for Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Radiology, OB/GYN, Oncology, Urology, Cardiology, and Neurology.

Record or Upload up to 4 Hour of Audio

Long meetings and Conferences to transcribe? We got you covered! ArrowTextMD can handle up to 4 hours of recording in a single file.

Most Common Audio Formats

In addition to real-time recording, ArrowTextMD supports uploading your recording in a wide-range of formats. We have you covered!

Support for US Clinical English

ArrowTextMD can transcribe clinical dictations and Multi-Person meetings from a wide range of specialities.

Download Transcripts Securely

Our transcription service is HIPAA compliant (with BAA) and transcripts are downloaded from our secure platform.

Identify up to 7 Speakers

Multi-Person meetings, conferences, and lectures can be quickly transcribed, and each speaker individually identified. ArrowTextMD makes it possible to provide accurate documentation where never before feasible.

Intelligent Formatting

ArrowTextMD uses Intelligent AI-Driven Speech-to-Text. Forget learning commands, or teaching your software to understand you. Just dictate your note, and we will automatically format it, neatly, accurately, and quickly.

Great Customer Support

Logged in users get real-time chat support and support-ticketing. Our service is intuitive and reliable and essentially all features are organically simple to use.

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