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Accurate Clinical Transcription from ArrowText MD

Accurate Clinical Transcription for Primary and Speciality Providers

Clinical documentation is a time consuming task, but a necessary one. ArrowText MD takes the tedium out of documentation, and expands documentation and transcription to meetings, conferences, lectures, and much more.

Dictating takes far less time than typing. Studies at Stanford demonstrated that speaking was three times faster than typing, meaning the average physician can save up to seven hours weekly. ArrowText MD doesn’t stop there. Now, transcribing meetings, conferences, lectures, and more can be accomplished just as simply as dictations, with the added function of Speaker Identification. ArrowText MD Clinical Transcription will identify up to seven speakers at a single time, with transcriptions being organized chronologically and by speaker.

Intelligent AI-Driven Clinical Transcription is now at your fingertips!

How does it work? A well-engineered Dashboard makes getting your transcriptions completed a breeze! With ArrowText MD, you can either record live with our “Record” feature, or upload your recording with our “Upload” feature. Once completed, in about five minutes, a well-organized transcription is ready to download securely.

ArrowText MD Intelligent Clinical Transcription understands your context, and knows where sentences and paragraphs belong eliminating the need to learn any commands. Our transcription system also knows the clinical terms for a wide-range of medical and surgical specialties. We support transcription for Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Radiology, OB/GYN, Oncology, Urology, Cardiology, and Neurology.

From Your secure Dashboard, you can manage and download your transcriptions. ArrowText MD is HIPAA compliant, and employs stringent security and encryption, meeting or exceeding all regulatory and security requirements.

Once completed, and downloaded, transcriptions can be deleted, and when naming transcriptions, your anonymous record identifier can be used. Patient names never need to be entered into the system, adding an additional level of security.

Logging into ArrowText MD is secured by two-factor authentication for an additional layer of protections.