Multi-Language Transcription

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ArrowText Speech Transcription offers both Live (6 languages) and Offline (29 languages) voice to text conversion and delivers accurate audio to text transcriptions. Recording client and customer interactions are critical to business intelligence. You can now take that data beyond lightspeed with ArrowText AI-driven transcription. Corporate meetings, depositions, online meetings, and much more can now easily be converted to a text document. This provides a cost-effective and accurate tool to…

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Simplicity & Accuracy

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Whether you use our built-in voice recorder or your own recording app, transcribing your voice file to text couldn’t be easier. The ArrowText Dashboard is a well-designed to for the busy Professional. Simply upload your voice file from any device, select your language, and that’s all. In a few minutes, your inbox will receive an accurate transcript. Nothing is easier and you save time from typing your document, taking meeting…

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Medical Transcription

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Medical documentation is a required and laborious task. In the past, speech to text systems were difficult to use, expensive, and awkward. ArrowText Medical Transcription is optimized for English language Primary Care. Our Medical Transcription is fully HIPAA compliant (BAA included) and extremely simple to use. Simply record your patient record, letter, note, or another type of document, and upload it to your ArrowText Dashboard. You will receive a clinically…

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