Live Real-Time

Live Transcribe

Real-Time Live transcription allows you to use the microphone on your device (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone) to directly transcribe a live conversation.

Live transcription is convenient for short conversations and has an accuracy of about 90%.

Live transcriptions are limited to 15 minutes.

Live transcriptions may be printed, downloaded, or emailed to the recipient of your choice.


Live Transcription

Fast Accurate Reliable


Live Transcription
is available in the following languages

US English
British English
Australian English
Canadian French

File Transcription

File Transcription

Offline transcription utilizes a pre-recorded voice file that is uploaded to our system, through your Dashboard. Our Dashboard even has a Voice Recorder if your device doesn't have one.

Offline transcription delivers the most accurate transcription and supports 29 languages and dialects.

Once you upload your file and choose your language, your transcription is available for email or download in just a few minutes.

Our file maximum is two hours of a recorded conversation. If your conversation is longer than 2 hours, you may record and upload multiple files.





Offline Languages Supported:

HIPAA Compliant
Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is available for
US or Canadian English for Primary Care Specialities:

Family Practice
Internal Medicine


ArrowText Medical transcription is HIPAA, HITECH, and PIPEDA (Canada) compliant.

Your clinical note is ready for download in a few minutes and your transcription is removed from storage after download and after your permission.

We always recommend removing files with protected health information (PHI) from storage as soon as possible, as this is good security procedures.


Clinical Voice to Text
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ArrowText uses
AWS Simple Storage Service
for full HIPAA compliance